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When Knowing Is Important

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Apex have been conducting surveillance assignments, private investigations and related inquiries since 1991. We have completed literally many thousands of hours of successful surveillance for several hundreds of a wide variety of clients in the corporate and private sector. We also regularly conduct surveillance assignments on behalf of other Private Investigators.

Apex background and expertise in Surveillance stems from 39 years combined New Zealand Police and Private Investigation experience. The knowledge gained during this time and the specialised training obtained whilst on a covert undercover surveillance squad of the Police has been bought to the private sector enabling businesses and individuals to share in our expertise.

No job is too big or too small. If you have a situation requiring a surveillance presence, we will deal with it.

Apex Staff:


For Operational and security reasons, the sensitive nature of Surveillance work and to preserve the anonymity of our field staff, we prefer not to identify or profile them. Suffice to say they are former Police or Police trained, hand picked and highly trained in all aspects of Covert Surveillance. We are arguably the best at surveillance in the country.

Polygraph Examinations :

We are the only Lie Detection service in the South Island and the only Private Investigation business in the country offering this service. Our resident Polygraph examiner has studied and trained extensively in Europe, is fully certified and been conducting examinations in New Zealand for the past two years.