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When Knowing Is Important

POLYGRAPH TESTS aka Lie Detector Tests

All Polygraph tests are conducted in private and total client confidentiality is assured.

Testing is ideal for the HOME and WORKPLACE regarding all honesty and integrity issues such as:-

Relationship cheating, Pre relationship screening, Sexual Offenders on parole, Security, Employment, Pre employment, Theft, Fraud, False allegations, Drug use and more.

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Appointments are essential and if necessary testing can be conducted in your home or office. We will also travel to your city/town - conditions apply.

A comprehensive test report will be provided subsequent to the Lie Detector Examination.


50% of marriages now end in divorce. It is therefore reasonable to assume that infidelity contributes greatly to this statistic. How do you know if your spouse is faithful to you? Do you require peace of mind? Polygraph and/or Surveillance will help provide you the answer.


The polygraph is particularly effective in cases of financial and other material losses, where an internal investigation can easily and discreetly determine the level of involvement of the tested employees.

The main function of the polygraph when introduced as a preventive measure, is to reduce the risk of disloyal behavior and abuse of official positions, which can lead to significant material and financial losses for the employer.

The practical usage of the polygraph in the recruitment of employees can range from verifying the accuracy of the information provided in CVs to detection of behaviors not suitable for getting a certain position.


The Polygraph is invaluable for the testing of sexual offenders on parole/probabtion. In the past 12 months from August 2014 - 2015, 63 serious paedophiles in the UK failed their polygraph tests and were sent back to prison for breaching the terms of their parole.


Ideal for any circumstance where it is necessary to have someone followed to observe and gather information about their activities, who they meet, where they go etc. Ideal for any issues involving suspicious behaviour.



As per Lie Detector Testing above


Fraudulent and misleading claims cost businesses, companies and the country hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. So often, a claimant over states the level of their incapacity and inability to work. Prudent covert surveillance will confirm the veracity of their claim.


Whilst most companies/business have Restraint of Trade contracts with their staff, it does not necessarily prevent the unscrupulous from setting up business in opposition, stealing your clients or working for your opposition and providing them with inside knowledge regarding your business activities. This can lead to a massive financial loss and ultimately the demise of your business. Early intervention is crucial. It is too late when the damage is done.


Free Consultation - During your consultation we will provide you with honest unbiased and cost effective advice.

Total Confidentiality - All information received and gained in the course of a Polygraph Examination or a Surveillance assignment is treated with total Confidentiality.

Professionalism - Our surveillance members are former Police, or Police trained, hand selected for their professionalism and work ethic. Their peers hold them in high regard.

The Polygraph examinations are conducted by our certified "Forensic Psychophysiology Examiner". Training and study was completed at a University in Europe. The course was run by a prestigious Lie Detection School from North America and approved and accredited by the American Polygraph Association.

Comprehensive written reports - On completion of a surveillance assignment we will at your request provide you with a comprehensive written report. All Polygraph tests will also come with a comprehensive written report.

Competitive rates - We invite you to compare our rates with others of like service